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AIHA University Live Online PDC: Applied Ergonomics Risk Assessment

Course Description:
Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the capability of the working population. The goal of a workplace ergonomics program is to prevent or reduce the risks of injuries and illnesses by eliminating or reducing worker exposure to Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD) risk factors. Risk factors include awkward postures, repetition, material handling, force, mechanical compression, vibration, temperature extremes, glare, inadequate lighting, and duration of exposure.

This applied ergonomics risk assessment course gives participants the foundational understanding of an ergonomics program. The presenters will provide essential ergonomics risk assessment tools. The participants will learn to utilize tools for ergonomics hazard identification, analyze and evaluate ergonomic risks, and apply risk reduction concepts. Participants will receive free interactive Ergonomics Risk Assessment Tools.

Learning Objectives:
After this online PDC, participants will be able to:
  • Discuss Ergonomics Hazards
  • Use appropriate Ergonomics Risk Assessment terminology
  • Differentiate between fundamental ergonomics hazard identification tools and semi-quantitative ergonomics risk assessment tools
  • Evaluate various Ergonomics Risk Assessment methodologies
  • Develop a business case for ergonomics interventions.
Contact Hours: 7.5

Presentation Date: 4/17/2024

  • Tsvetan Popov, PhD, CIH, CSP
  • Georgi Popov, PhD, CSP, QEP, SMS, ARM, CMC, FASSP, FAIHA