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Medical Surveillance, Fitness, Ergonomics, and Wellness for Industrial Athletes in Physically Demanding Jobs (AIHce EXP 2023 OnDemand)

Course Description:
Recorded at AIHce EXP 2023

A panel comprised of a certified athletic trainer, occupational physician and wellness professional will present models for the workplace delivery of medical surveillance, fitness, ergonomic and wellness interventions. Such interventions help: 1) identify workplace exposure risks, 2) reduce overuse injuries, and 3) alleviate fatigue and stress for employees. The delivery model presented will apply to indoor, outdoor and mixed-use settings. Topics will include: a) medical monitoring, b) musculoskeletal disorder prevention & management, c) physical & mental fitness for work, d) wearable technology, e) ergonomic assessments, and f) the eight dimensions of wellness. This presentation will feature recommendations for collaboration among IHs and other members of workplace environment, health and safety teams.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the session, the participant will be able to:

• Facilitate collaboration among EH&S professionals, OH clinicians, and wellness subject matter experts.
• Identify workplace exposure and personal health risks.
• Develop programs to prevent costly injuries/illnesses and promote well-being.
• Integrate employees into the workplace health and safety program.
• Implement performance metrics to measure the impacts of a Total Worker Health® approach.

Contact Hours:

Presentation Date:

Lynette Helmer
Bryan Reich, M.Ed. ATC, CEAS