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Understanding Exposure Statistics and Variability in IH - Live Virtual PDC



  • Jerome Lavoue

    Originally trained as a chemist in France in 1996, I completed an MSc in Toxicology and a Ph.D. in exposure sciences at University of Montreal in Canada. After postdoctoral studies in the field of industrial hygiene at the Institute for work and health in Lausanne, Switzerland, I was hired as a professor of industrial hygiene in 2008 at the Department of environmental and occupational health at University of Montreal. My research focuses on occupational exposure assessment, with special focus on retrospective assessment for epidemiological studies, development of statistical methods for industrial hygiene data analysis, and, more recently, development of software to facilitate data analysis for industrial hygienists, including the website. I have been teaching industrial hygiene data interpretation at the university and for continuous education for 15 years, and am the lead author for the chapter about sampling and data interpretation strategies in recent francophone industrial hygiene monograph edited by the Quebec association for occupational safety and health.

November 11, 2022
Fri 9:00 AM EST

Duration 9H 0M

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