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AIHA University Webinar: Cleaning Out Your Data Closet

Course Description:
Are you an OEHS professional collecting data, but aren’t sure if you’re using it to its fullest capability? Does the term “big data” seem too vague or subject to interpretation?

You’re not alone. A 2020 survey of OEHS/IH Professionals found the following:

  • 89% of respondents indicate that their organization stores or maintains IH data
  • 75% store or maintain IH data as computer files of individual exposure monitoring reports
  • 32% use specialized computer software or data systems to store or maintain IH data
  • 59% use spreadsheet software as their analytical software
  • 41% indicate that the term “big data” means nothing to them
  • 73% indicate that their organization doesn’t analyze big data or they don’t know if their organization does
Join this webinar to learn how to take your data analysis to the next level - whether you are just starting to clean out your data sets, focusing on creating metrics and goals for monthly safety meetings, or turning your attention to aggregating data sets for better project planning.

Learning Objectives:
After this webinar, participants will be able to:
  • Analyze the data you have – what can be done with what you’ve collected through tools like IHSTATs and EXPOstats.
  • Identify the data cleanup and the tools you can use to combine data files into a standardized format for analysis.
  • Describe some tools that can be used to supplement your data sets (NoiseJEM and OSHA CEHD).
  • Discuss the value and the risks of data aggregation.
  • List the rules for data aggregation.
  • Provide metrics high performing organizations can use to set goals, plan, and monitor progress in the continuous improvement of their health protection program.
Contact Hours: 1

Presentation Date: 7/20/2022

  • John Baker
  • Benjamin Roberts
  • Paul F. Wambach
  • Eric Adams