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Forecasting Exposures Using Well Mixed Room Models - Part 1 Live Virtual PDC


The new one and two-box Well Mixed Room (WMR) models will be introduced. TEAS-Student (a student version of Task Exposure Assessment Simulator; Windows only) will be provided. Constant emission and decreasing emission models will be covered. Deterministic and probabilistic modeling methods will be used to calculate single exposures or full-shift exposure profiles. A systematic approach to calibrating a WMR model will be introduced, along with the standard generation rate algorithms. Participants are encouraged to bring modeling examples. This PDC course will concentrate on the practical application of WMR models.


  • Paul Hewett, Ph.D., CIH, Exposure Assessment Solutions, Morgantown, WV

    Paul Hewett (Ph.D., CIH) is the founder and President of Exposure Assessment Solutions, Inc. Dr. Hewett worked for twenty-five years as an industrial hygienist for NIOSH, in the Division of Respiratory Disease Studies, where he specialized in the measurement of pneumoconiosis producing dusts. Dr. Hewett has an MS and Ph.D. in Industrial Hygiene; and is the author of several articles and chapters on exposure assessment, statistics for industrial hygiene, Bayesian Decision Analysis, censored data analysis, sampling strategy design, and the prediction of exposures through modeling.

November 8, 2021
Mon 9:00 AM EST

Duration 4H 0M

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