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Interesting OSHA Health Cases - Facts From the Field, Part 1 (AIHce EXP 2021 OnDemand)

Course Description:
Recorded at AIHce EXP 2021

Each year OSHA's IHs perform thousands of health inspections and discover workplaces that have interesting exposures that should be shared with the OHS community. Part 1 will highlight two inspections that found overexposures to metals. 1) The Barrel of Blame Pointed in Many Directions. This presentation will cover an inspection of an indoor gun range. OSHA utilized multiple IHs, multiple sampling methods, blood lead results, and the OSHA's Health Response Team to find serious overexposures to lead. OSHA's general industry lead standard and its application to facilities where employees are exposed to lead will be discussed. 2) Jewelry Can Make You Sick - Overexposures in Jewelry Manufacturing. The second presentation will cover an inspection of a facility that personalizes jewelry. Without ventilation controls and OSHA intervention, employees were exposed to silver twenty times the permissible exposure limit.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe OSHA's complaint, inspection, and post-inspection processes.
  • Demonstrate OSHA's breath of support and field expertise.
  • Review the importance of local exhaust ventilation in enclosed areas.
  • Utilize abatement methods to reduce exposures below the PEL.
Contact Hours:

Presentation Date:

Sean Tynes
Zachariah Dapron