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The Role of the Occupational and Environmental Health & Safety Professional in Improving the Health of Our Schools (AIHce EXP 2021 OnDemand)

Course Description:
Recorded at AIHce EXP 2021

As the world begins to recover from COVID-19, the focus of families, teachers, administrators, school districts, and states is on the safe reopening of schools and the measures necessary to ensure those schools can remain open and operational for in-person learning throughout the year. AIHA, in conjunction with the COVID Collaborative (, presents this panel discussion outlining the Collaborative's "Roadmap to Healthy Schools" and the OEHS professional's role in assessing and integrating effective infection prevention and control (IPC) measures and emphasizing opportunities to work together to make long-lasting improvements. Topics addressed will include: recommendations on who is responsible for and how to integrate the CDC's guidance on infection prevention and control measures into school operations, case studies and recommendations to replicate these practices, an outline for use of authorized funds to implement IPC programs in K-12 systems, and use of the Hierarchy of Controls in shorter-term and longer-term controls.

Learning Outcomes

  • Support building controls to complement biological and behavioral awareness-building efforts allowing schools to open and operate safely.
  • Work with the COVID Collaborative to educate school districts about legitimate disinfecting solutions and technologies to maintain healthy schools beyond the current pandemic.
  • Plan for an ongoing role in maintaining the health of the workers and students within schools.

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Presentation Date:

Tracy Enger
Devin Jopp, EdD
Alex LeBeau, PhD, MPH, CIH