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Powerful Leadership Skills That Often Get Overlooked (AIHce EXP 2021 OnDemand)

Course Description:
Recorded at AIHce EXP 2021

Ruth and Larry Birkner Leadership Award presentation. Maneuvering in today's work environment can be a daily challenge. Utilizing some often overlooked leadership skills, IHs can have a positive impact today and in the future. Your technical IH&S knowledge brought you to your position, but leadership can take you further. This session will present: a) experiences starting as an OSHA IH technical staff member to becoming a Senior EHS Executive in aerospace; b) real-life approaches to use power as a change agent and influencer beyond the technical; and c) leadership skills that can really assist with making positive and lasting changes. This session will be interactive with attendees sharing stories, challenges and successes as well as learning events.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Identify leadership skills you can utilize at all levels.
  • Discuss approaches to becoming a change agent.
  • Define key career moments that changed perspectives.
  • Leverage influencer skills effectively.
  • Maximize technical skills to make a difference.

Contact Hours:

Presentation Date:

Aileen Yankowski, MPH, CIH