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COVID-19 Response - Inventing a New Science (AIHce EXP 2021 OnDemand)

Course Description:
Recorded at AIHce EXP 2021

As SARS-CoV-2 began to spread throughout the US, many calls from existing clients and colleagues came requesting assistance with dealing with the virus. Past IH experience had been items such as bacteria, mold, chemical exposures and so forth. Very little assistance had dealt with viruses. That all changed when the idea of implementing cleaning protocols, based upon CDC/WHO guidance and principles of IAQ and IH occurred. Challenges involved the following questions: Would clearance testing would be defensible or even offer value. How to address the changes in CDC guidance? How to respond in locations where quarantines are in place? What types of training and PPE do field personnel need? What are the IH implications to using chemicals and applying them in different ways? What happens when government agencies and scientific guidance conflict? It will be the goal of this presentation to discuss the experiences, thought processes and IH knowledge that led to the conclusion that practicing IH means more than just doing what we already know how to do.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of the session, the participant will be able to:

  • Anticipate new threats to public health and safety. 
  • Use the IH profession to confront new perils with new ideas. 
  • Select PPE based on the health threat and availability. 
  • Determine which agency or governmental entity to follow. 
  • Enhance knowledge through changing thought processes. 
  • Recognize the ethical dilemmas that may arise.

Contact Hours:

Presentation Date:

Mr Steven Lipson, CIH, CSP