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Environmental Surface Disinfectants in Health Care - Part 2 PDC Recording

Course Description:
Recorded in November 2020, this PDC focuses on disinfection as an important aspect of infection prevention in the healthcare environment and the selection of the right surface disinfectant to reduce the prevalence of healthcare-acquired infections. This second part of a two-part PDC will take a deeper look at the modes of action, product formulations (bleach, peracetic acid), emerging technologies, quality assurance methods, and worker and patient safety and exposure concerns. The PDC will explore the IH issues of exposure sampling, potential product incompatibilities, mitigating employee exposures, and how different chemicals work against healthcare significant organisms.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Explain the actions of chemicals on healthcare significant organisms.
  • Illustrate the use of bleach disinfectant products.
  • Discuss the use of peracetic acid products
  • Describe the different validation and quality assurance methods available.
  • Identify alternatives and current research into new disinfection technology.
Contact Hours:
3.5 Hours

Learning Levels:

Course Authors:
Roberta Smith, MSPH, RN, CIC, COHN-S, CIH
John Martinelli
Rob Strode, MS, CIH, FAIHA
Kathy Thompson, CIH, MPH, MS