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Identifying Welding Exposures and Controls PDC Recording

Course Description:
Recorded in November 2020, this course describes the health/safety hazards associated with welding and thermal cutting processes. Welding fume has recently been categorized as a Group 1 Carcinogen. Welding is nearly ubiquitous in all industrial environments. This PDC will present: a) terminology used in the welding industry; b) materials, thermal processes, and scenarios associated with overexposure potential; c) how to improve the quality of monitoring data; d) how to prioritize exposure assessments; e) ventilation techniques; f) respiratory protection options for welding and thermal cutting processes; and Comparison of the application of the mixtures formula, NIOSH’s 0.010 mg/m3 suggested OEL for carcinogens, and Occupational Exposure Control Banding. Emphasis is placed on manganese and hexavalent chromium exposures as well as many other H&S hazards. An Excel spreadsheet for tracking relevant data for developing welding SEGs is provided.

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Describe H&S hazards associated with welding and thermal cutting.
  • Develop an exposure assessment strategy for welding and thermal cutting schemes.
  • Recognize effective ventilation for confined space welding and thermal cutting.
  • Identify issues that should be addressed during welding and thermal cutting in confined spaces.

Contact Hours:
7 Hours

Learning Levels:

Course Authors:
Dr. Michael Harris, Ph.D. CIH