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Communicating with Impact Webinar Recording

Course Description:
The job of industrial hygienists involves regularly communicating the value of what they do to internal departments. In many circumstances, IHs are required to publicly present their projects to upper management with the goal of justifying their business value. Senior IH professionals are also expected to provide comprehensive, high-quality technical training to groups that might not even be familiar with industrial hygiene. These situations raise the question: how can industrial hygienists, clearly and persuasively, communicate complex information to colleagues, stakeholders, and business partners?

Our August webinar will have the answer. Led by Isabel Bacarella, Enbridge’s Manager of Occupational Hygiene, and Kristin Osterkamp, an instructor at MIOSHA Training Institute, attendees will gain valuable presentation techniques to make the case for their technical decisions and business needs, ultimately invoking the desired action from their audience.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion participants will be able to:

  • Tailor their message to their intended audience
  • Use stories to engage listeners
  • Manage the anxiety they may experience when presenting
  • Implement effective presentation techniques

Contact Hours:

Presentation Date:

Isabel Bacarella (Zuclich), CIH, CSP
Kristin Osterkamp, CIH, CSP