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OSHA Compliance: Emerging Issues and Inspection Preparedness Webinar Recording

Course Description:
OSHA has developed new rules pertaining to OSHA Record-keeping and Occupational Health Hazards and has developed new protocols for their inspections. One of these changes is to the inspection metric to add weight to complex inspections such as those involving ergonomic hazards, chemical exposures, workplace violence and inspections, which typically involve the use of the General Duty Clause. Along with these updates has come an increase in penalties due to a "catch-up" adjustment that was recently established. OSHA deems this new system as its resource-intensive enforcement activity and is focused on some of the most severe workplace hazards.

This webinar recording covers aspects of OSHA's new stance on penalties, inspections and highlights the compliance requirements of targeted OSHA programs and the new rules established for recordkeeping and silica. The webinar showcases successful OSHA compliance practices of two organizations to prepare you for these changes. The webinar also looks at what's on the horizon in 2017-2018 for potential OSHA rule changes pertaining to occupational health and safety exposures.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the new style of OSHA as it pertains to terms of inspection protocol, rapid response investigations and increased penalties.
  • Explain the new rules and requirements related to the silica, recordkeeping and the targeted inspection items pertaining to ergonomics, chemical hazards, and workplace violence.
  • Share the best practices used by two companies to comply with these and other standards and how they have prepared themselves for an OSHA inspection.

Contact Hours:

Presentation Date:

Brendan Moriarty, CIH, CSP, MSPH