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How Can IH Data Use Be Improved? Standardization of Data Collection Forms, the Current State of Data Storage, and Future Aggregation of Data for More Effective Use (AIHce EXP 2019 OnDemand)

Course Description:
Recorded at AIHce EXP 2019

Recent articles published by NIOSH that examined industrial hygiene (IH) practices among workers' compensation insurers indicate that a large amount of IH data are collected, but the data elements collected within and among the companies may differ. Divergent methods of data collection and storage are barriers to use and aggregation. Standardization of IH data is not a new topic. In 1996, a joint task group formed by the ACGIH and AIHA recommended which data elements be recorded during IH assessments. The group stated that a standardized list of elements would aid in the analyses of the data and allow for aggregation of the data. An article published by NIOSH in 2018 assessed the importance of these recommended data elements by surveying current hygienists. Ultimately, more than 50 data fields on air and noise survey forms were deemed essential to data collection with the 1996 guidelines still serving as a relevant benchmark for standardization. This education session will discuss the updated list of recommended IH data elements and seek the input of hygienists on how to move forward towards standardization within the field. The list of data elements will be provided as a handout and/or Excel file for download. We will also discuss computerized databases for storage of IH exposure measurements, as well as the potential for data aggregation in the future.

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Taylor Shockey, Centers for Disease Control/ National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health