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Introduction to IH Analytical Chemistry

Course Description:
This introductory self-study workbook course begins to address the training gap among lab chemists and technicians who analyze routine samples but may have little or no specific training in industrial hygiene.

AIHA University also offers a follow-up course, Intermediate Topics in IH Analytical Chemistry. Save $125 when you bundle both courses together!

Both courses support the Body of Knowledge used to develop the IH Chemist Certification. This new credential is being offered to laboratory IH chemists by the National Registry of Certified Chemists (NRCC) and was developed under an MOU with AIHA and AIHA Registry Programs.

Learn the key concepts that pertain specifically to Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Analysis - principles, techniques, and calculations - that make personal monitoring and exposure assessment meaningful. Topics include:

  • Occupational Exposure Limits
  • Personal Sampling of Gases, Vapors and Aerosols
  • Characteristics of Personal Samplers
  • Sampling Parameters and Calculations
  • Lab Analysis - Concepts and Techniques
  • Data Analysis, and Statistics
Take a look at sample pages from the course workbook.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • Describe basic definitions, concepts, and principles of personal air sampling for compliance with OSHA PELs.
  • List common samplers and sampling methods used in personal sampling with an emphasis on the practical capabilities and limitations of each device.
  • Explain common laboratory techniques used in analyzing personal air samples with emphasis on the practical capabilities and limitations of each technique.

Contact Hours:
6 Hours

Learning Levels:

Course Authors:
Mary Eide
Charles R. (Gus) Manning, PhD, CIH