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EIH I: Elemental Industrial Hygiene

Course Description:
This self-study course is designed for EH&S professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge of the occupational health sciences (known traditionally as industrial hygiene).

You can use this outstanding study program for an in-depth review, to prepare for a certification exam, or simply to enhance your career opportunities. The study program is divided into 12 parts: 11 lessons and an online final exam.

Learning Outline:
Lesson 1—History; Objectives; Ethics; Math and Science Review
Lesson 2—Physiology/Anatomy; Biomechanics; Occupational Toxicology; Epidemiological Surveillance; Occupational Medicine and Diseases
Lesson 3—Laws and Regulations; Standards; Associations
Lesson 4—Exposure Evaluation; Risk Assessment & Management
Lesson 5—Air Sampling; Air-Sampling Instruments; Analytical Techniques
Lesson 6—General Methods of Control; Local Exhaust Ventilation of Industrial Occupancies; General Ventilation of Industrial Occupancies
Lesson 7—Respiratory Control; Personal Protective Equipment; Protective Clothing
Lesson 8—Indoor Air Quality; Ventilation of Nonindustrial Occupancies; Air Pollution; Ergonomics and Human Factors
Lesson 9—Thermal Environments (heat and cold stress) and sound, noise, and hearing protection
Lesson 10--Ionizing Radiation and Nonionizing Radiation; Safety and Other EH&S Concerns
Lesson 11--IH and EH&S Management

Contact Hours:
100 Hours

Learning Level:

Intended Audience:

  • Industrial hygienists
  • Occupational and environmental health and safety professionals
  • Technical, engineering, and laboratory personnel making the bridge to IH
  • Seasoned professionals seeking a comprehensive review
  • Those professionals preparing to take the CORE or BGC's CIH certification exam 

Course Authors:
D. Jeff Burton, MS, PE, (former CSP and CIH, VS)