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EIH II: Practical Applications of OEHS Math

Course Description:
This self-study course is a comprehensive course intended for IHs and other OEHS professionals. The course follows the book Useful Equations which covers topics such as: calculation and estimation approaches related to airborne contaminants, TLV and TWA, OA for dilution, fans, system testing, sound and noise, radiation, ventilation, statistics, ventilation, IAQ, and more. The course workbook will illustrate how to apply 150 equations to the real world of industrial hygiene and OH&S. Each section presents practical applications, short case studies, and sample calculations, both manually and using the IVE AutoCalc Spreadsheet programs.

Algebra; familiarity with the IH or OH&S professions

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental estimation techniques and calculations related to industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety.
  • Explain terms and units used in IH- and OH&S-related estimations and formulas.
  • Apply formulas to practical situations seen in IH and OH&S work.
  • Generate formulas and mathematical relationships using dimensional analysis
  • Use IVE AutoCalc Spreadsheets to perform calculations.
  • Speak knowledgeably with others regarding IH and OH&S estimations and calculations.

Contact Hours:
40 Hour

Learning Levels:

Intended Audience:
Industrial hygienists, Safety professionals, Engineers, EH&S specialists, Health program managers

Course Authors:
D. Jeff Burton, MS, PE, (former CSP and CIH, VS)